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I am Mala Mwense the Founder & Executive Director of this non profit organisation and I would like to thank you for taking a minute of your time to visit our website and see what we do as an organisation in terms of community development for Orphans, Vulnerable Children and widows.


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I have taken enough of your time so I will leave you to explore, interact and if you feel moved by anything you see please help and support the organisation to make a difference in Zambia and DONATE!! God Bless!

About Us

The Charles Mwense Foundation is a not for profit organisation with the main focus of empowering orphans & vulnerable children as well as widows & women who find themselves stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty. We empower our demographic through education and providing a proper support structure that allows orphan and vulnerable children to improve their quality of life and standards of living not just in the present but also in the future.

We work in many deprived and poverty stricken ghettos to educate the young so that they have tools to build a better life for themselves as adults with very minimal dependence on organisations such as ours.


In terms of widows and women our main focus is providing education for their children through our Andy Hodges Scholarship programme as well as help them to build their businesses through initiatives such as our #PowerOfAWoman program that provides micro finance grants and interest free loans to women in the community with a business mind that are lacking in capital to expand their businesses. #PowerOfAWoman also provides mentorship for the lady recipients of the micro finance grants and loans.

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Our vision is to empower as many of our demographic as possible through our vehicles and alongside our partners LifeAid UK and Afri Connect we have made good progress in a short space of time and plan on going from strength to strength each year with the public communities support and assistance.





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