Andy Hodges Scholarship Programme

This is one of our newest programmes and its focus is providing resources and full sponsorship to orphan and vylnerable children who are coming from households that are too poor to put the pupils or prospective pupils through school in terms of payment for tuition fees.

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We as an organisation through this scholarship programme assist the candidates by paying their tuition fees in full, paying for the pupils uniforms, school  back packs, shoes, books and any other academic costs that are required for the pupil to comfortably attend school and reach their full academic potential.

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Due to the fact this is a new programme and has only recently been launched we only have a few pupils that we are currently sponsoring in full but have high hopes for this program and we aim to extend the program to as many gifted pupils as our budget permits.

All candidates are monitored thoroughly and have very tight and stringent conditions to adhere to in order to maintain their scholarships such as a 80% attendance rate, all report cards and tests are viewed and examined by our academic consultants to monitor pupils potential and progress as well as direct reports from the Schools Headmaster on each individuals performance academically as well as socially in the school environment.

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At the moment we have partnerships with two schools that we offer Scholarships to. The first is one of the most prestigious private schools in the whole district called Anchor private School and the other is Showgrounds Community school which acts as our feeder school for Anchor. Initially we identify the exceedingly intelligent pupils from Showgrounds Community School and begin by sponsoring them their first and as the pupils transition into grade 7 and above they are then transferred to the prestigious and very reputable Anchor Private School so they can be pushed to their limit academically once we feelthey are ready for that big step.

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All donors to this programme are provided with results of the pupils performances and are also involved in our candidate selection process which is an integral part of this program as it has a very interactive concept. We feel that donors should grow with the recipients of the Scholarship and maintain somewhat of a connection with them almost like an adopted child so that the candidates successes become the donors successes etc.

Sponsor an orphans education

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