Butterfly Book Club

Alongside our UK partners Butterfly Books this project is our newest project that allows for us to purchase their educational books targeted at 3-7 year olds that teach children of that age range about various careers and skills etc.

The minimum donation required for this project is £10 as every £10 donated allows us to purchase a book for a pupil on our Andy Hodges Scholarship Programme and pay for its postage and packaging.

Every 10 books that we purchase i.e. every £100 donated allows for the foundation to send the books to Zambia and to be given to school going children sponsored by our donors to teach them about their future career options and what certain careers entail in terms of skills.

The books are written in a poetry format that is very engaging for children and informative whilst being fun.

The book is also very colourful and well illustrated to keep the child reader engaged and interested in the career/job he or she is reading about.

To find out more about the books and the company please feel free to visit their official website which is www.butterflybooks.uk

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.