Charity Shop

We have secured and paid for premises for our first charity shop as a source of revenue for the foundation to decrease our dependency on donors and donations and to create a revenue stream that allows us to be more self sufficient.

These premises will not only serve as a charity shop but will also serve as a drop in centre with a designated office space area so we can have walk in clients who are suffering hardships i.e. guardians of orphans who wish for the child they take care of to be sponsored by us, widows who have small business to drop in and apply for Power of A Woman grants and loans etc.

We are connected and partnered with the biggest wholesaler of high street clothing in the UK and are able to purchase the items for our stock at a fraction of the normal price which allows us to ship to Zambia to the charity shop and retail at a profit.

The profit can then be used to bridge our funding gaps as well as to create capital and funding for new projects and also grow the projects we have further.

Our current staff base is very small and we are in need of administrative staff so a portion of profits can also be used to help pay salaries.

What we ask from you the general public is to make any small donation possible that can be used to help with our shipping costs, refurbishment and furniture costs over a period of time however within 1 year of operations the shop shall be self sustainable and is projected to make a significant profit that donations to this program may become unnecessary.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.