This is our agricultural project that we use to empower community schools by providing and facillitaing garden space for them to grow their own produce that is used to feed their pupils who otherwise are not fed by the school and attend school on an empty stomach. Examples of the produce grown include tomatoes, potatoes,onions, groundnuts, okra, cabbage and maize which is used for the countries stable food called nshima.

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This is a low cost project that just involves the purchasing of compost, fertiliser insecticide and seeds but has a very powerful impact and outreach once all the produce is harvested. We have 3 partner schools as of now but only one has this facility based on our budget contstraints so our aim is to extend this program to the other two schools via donoations from the general international public.

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As the gardens are ,ocated on school premises we encourage and stress to the schools that it is mandatory that they themselves maintain the garden and grow the produce to teach the pupils as well as school staff the value of hard work and working for ones self or ones community rather than expecting others to do all the work and they reap the benefits.  As they say “give a man a fish and he will eat today, but teach him how to fish and give him the proper tools he will eat FOREVER!”

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