The sole purpose of this program is to feed the hungry and those that struggle to have the daily basic meal requirements and nutrition necessary to survive in a healthy manner. To date we have served over 8000 meals using this vehicle in various locations such as Zambia Compound (the poorest and most notorious ghetto in the district), Hapwaya Basic School set in the rural village of Chitete in the Munali Hills reigon,  Showgrounds Community school, Mazabuka State Prison, Mazabuka Police cells, Nakambala compound & Messenger compound.


This was our very first community project upon entering the Zambian market and is our highest impact project as each feeding seesion feeds between 100 to 500 people. Our biggest #Need2Feed day to date thus far has been our Golden Jubilee edition of this project in 2014 on the Zambian Golden Jubilee Independance day that was coincidentally also Showground Community Schools 10th year anniversary. On this day we fed 500 plus orphan pupils a minimum of twice at our #Need2Feed BBQ as well as staff of the school and this landmark occasion for the organisation as well as the school was also attented by a seniordistrict Judge (His honourable Nasilele) and Pentecostal Assembly Of God Bishop (Bishop Siamasumo).


Due to the expense of feeding high volumes of people and the logistics involved of transporting and storing food this is project is our largest budgetary expense but also the most rewarding for donors in our experience as the power to feed someone who struggles to feed themselves is  a great thing to achieve and utilise.


Our partners in this program since the beginning are the UK registered charity LifeAid who supply our organisation with a grant to cover approximately 40% of the budgetary costs. However, we have many donors that help us from time time or on a monthly standing order/direct debit basis which covers the shortfall in the budget to a certain extent BUT we are always in need of donations all year round for this program as the more donors and stakeholders we have in this great initiative the more people we can feed and touch.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.