This project is our first andone of three self sustainable projects that we use as an income generating activity as well as a vehicle to provide chickens for our Need 2 Feed projects. It involves us breeding/rareing broiler chickens from the chick stage. Every 6 weeks we see a yield of anything between 200-600 chickens that are used for the purpose of feeding orphans and widows on our register and the surplus is retailed to recoup the costs of breeding the chickens so that the project can continue without any further donations. However the volume of peole on our register is always increasing so we accept donations on the basis that we wish to extend this program to more locations  so that our capacity to feed the poor community and schools that don’t provide school meals increases.

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We currently only have one location that we run this project but our aim is to extend this to  to another three so that our ability to feed everyone is stronger and more effective. Sites have already been located and arranged for but the fundraising process is to assist with the infrastructure, the purchase of more chicks, vaccines etc.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.