This project is our pioneer and sole project geared towards the empowerment of women exclusively and is a joint venture project with Africa Connect in USA who assist us with the fundraising process for this project via their website and affiliated organisations such as My Splash internet radio station.

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This project is a micro finance project that provides women already in business with micro finance grants that can assist their business to grow in terms of stock, sales etc. This project is accompanied by a documentary and plenty of video footage that allows the public to see in real terms what the women do and what they need and the women are also followed up after they receive their injection of capital and interviewed on how the grant has helped them and their businesses repectively. This is a project that has a long lasting impact on the women in terms of the fact that it allows them to grow their business  and therefore increase their ability to live a better and more fulfilling life and its results are almost instant is what makes this project a very popular one.

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This project is one that we run alongside Africa Connect who are our patners with this project and help us to fundraise for the project in USA as well as provide a platform to showcase our documentary footage using their very popular and high traffic media outlet site for all things African worldwide (www.africaconnectonline.com)

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.