Showgrounds Community School

This is a school that we have strong ties and links to and are the sole sponsors of. The school consists of 536 pupils from Grade 1 – 9 and is situated in a notorious compound/ghetto called showgrounds.


The school lacks many of the basic requirements a school requires to operate in a beneficial way to the community it serves but despite this it has many very intelligent orphan pupils  that we aid and assist by providing educational materials such as excercise books, textbooks, writing utencils, uniforms etc. We also help the school by providing materials for the teaching staff that have a direct impact on the enhancement of the childrens learning experience such as chalk, mathematical sets, teachers guides ( to help the teachers to provide a better quality standard of content to teach pupils), calculators etc.


Our focus now as well as the above mentioned items is to help the school in terms of infrastructure through building restoration, redecoration of classrooms aswell as the schools outer buildings. However their is a limit to how much we can do in terms of the school building as it is not owned by the school and the council assist them by allowing them to operate from one of their unused buildings. The school has been given a limited time to relocate and find new premises as the building is being demolished so we are in the process of fundraising to purchase a plot for the school to build them a proper structure that is permanent and theres for good at an estimated but accurate cost of £10,000 land and building inclusive of which all donors are welcome to contribute to.


The school has been in existence for 10 years and has served the community well with minimal resources so our job is to simply enhance their capabilities and services they already provide by implementing initiatives such as #Need2Feed (school meals courtesy of us), #PoultryPower which is a self sustainable project that we use to rare chickens that are then used for the #Need2Feed program and the Andy Hodges Scholarship that is our vehicle for providing education to extremely financially poor students on our ticket so to speak.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.