Volunteer Zambia


Our Volunteer program launched in March 2015 when we welcomed our first two official volunteers Sasha & Kalitta Raftery from the UK and Saudi Arabia respectively. Our volunteers are given a well rounded and true representation of Zambia and its every facet in terms of physically showing our volunteers the social and economic problems the country and its population faces by taking our volunteers to the ghettos (known as compounds), private schools as well as government and community schools to see the difference in levels of education and opportunities people have based on the finances available to them.

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We encourage our volunteers to take part in a Need2Feed from the planning stage up to the implementation and actual event day itself which has a great impact on the volunteers as they see how much work, effort and obstacles that we overcome in order to feed 500 plus orphan and vulnerable children in schools and in the local community ghettoes.

As well as the already mentioned activities volunteers also get to see the tourist side of Zambia and see how the better half live so they can make their own informed comparison and evaluation on how and what the country and its people including us as an organisation can do to better the vulnerable populations lives and well being.

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Tourist activities include visiting Victoria Falls along the Zambia/Zimbabwe border, boat cruises, safari, crocodile farms, nightlife, bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge, white water rafting, helicopter rides over safari park and waterfalls just to name a few.

There is also the option of visiting Memorial Park where 3 of the country’s 6 presidents are buried in a beautiful fashion. There is also the option of visiting State House (the President’s residence), Zambia History Museum as well as other cultural and historic places and sites

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For those that are interested in possibly volunteering in Zambia through our foundation please feel free to contact us with any questions and or queries via our email address which is charlesmwensefoundation@gmail.com

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